Cat® Unstoppable Movers Wheel Loader

Conquer construction like never before with the Cat® Unstoppable Movers Wheel Loader! Designed for unstoppable adventures, this cool kids’ play vehicle features four-wheel drive and chunky stabilizing wheels to keep it upright even on the trickiest of terrains. As your wheel loader rolls ahead, the working action lights illuminate the path and show what challenges may lie before you! Simply push the large lever to spur the vehicle into action and watch as it easily tackles any obstacle. For hands-on play, switch the lever to manual mode to activate free-wheel technology. By choosing whether to drive the truck themselves or use the automatic driving system, kids are put in the driver’s seat of their playtime adventures, helping to develop their imaginations and motor skills. The wheel loader also has a moveable bucket perfect for scooping, carrying and depositing materials.